Posted on: 15 February, 2003

Author: Mike Pilinski

========================================="When Trying to Pick up Women, Always Work Alone"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Reserved ========================================="When Trying to Pick up Women, Always Work Alone"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Reserved there's something to be said for going out with yourbuddies to work the bars and pick up women, but notice howrarely it ever actually seems to succeed? Girls go to the clubsin groups for safety and to make it difficult for all but the mostaggressive males to pluck them away from their circle of friendsand make a powerful first impression. But it puzzles me as towhy GUYS feel they need to run in packs the same way.Do you draw confidence from your male comrades in a clubsituation? Does the competitive spirit make you better? Or areyou even MORE afraid to take a chance with a critical audienceof snickering baboons watching your every move (AND screwup)? You probably don't know what the hell you're doing when itcomes to approaching women TO BEGIN WITH... will somehowdemonstrating this humiliating deficiency of your male skills infront of your goofball buddies make it any better?Understand this: most of your genuine chances to pick upwomen won't ever happen when you're out with the boys in a bar-- there are far too many distractions and way too muchcompetition for her attention. This is a situation where no onebut the most VISUALLY OBVIOUS DOMINANT MALE among thecrowd has any advantage. Most women in this 'party mode' areonly there to drink and dance and act nutty anyway. Only themost top dog male in the joint has any prospect of breakingthrough this goofy ‘fun trance' and getting a rise from hissuggestive behavior. You? You're just the sort of invisibleshmuck she completely ignores; nothing but background clutter.The same way that you ignore all the fat chicks in the crowd andfocus in on only the hottest looking babes. Right?Your 'modus operandi' has to be completely different.In order to keep a safety zone around your fragile ego, a complexNON-verbal interplay must occur before you can ever speak anywords to her with confidence. This takes time and requires asituation where the two of you can focus at least some*attention* on one another without having the trance broken byother people around you (preferably strangers, and not engagedin doing anything particularly important i.e., like library readers forinstance). The very same girl that would immediately brush youoff in a bar can be wide open to your advances in AN ENTIRELYDIFFERENT SITUATION -- one where you can monopolize herattention. That's why you must always keep your antennae outand be looking for opportunities in the most unlikely of situations!In any case, the absolute WORSE situation for trying to meetwomen happens at some wild event where her guard is up like asilver cross to ward off all the drunken losers suddenly "full" ofliquid courage (low status males). You'll do *much better* whenyou learn how to establish a bit of playful, unspokencommunication in places where her guard is DOWN and youhave a chance to disarm her with your male presence andcharm. It's really not all that difficult once you understand thatwhat she needs to see from you is just one little sign ofDominant Male behavior.The good news... you can easily learn how to *fake* the mostkey HSM (High Status Male) attitudes until they become secondnature!Seductions are a lot like *sporting contests* in that you neverknow what unforeseen twists and turns may happen on your wayto victory. You can't allow yourself to be handcuffed by the needto keep looking over your shoulder to make sure you're not doinganything that will make you the butt of jokes and mockery fromyour "crowd" for weeks to come. A lot of times, you'll have toscrap the game plan and make changes to your technique on thefly -- and these adjustments don't always fit the image of whatyour leering buddies probably think is cool.Look, don't play the loser's game of going out to work the clubswith your "gang". Not when you're serious about hunting forwomen, anyway. Bad experiences will only sap your confidenceand make it more difficult than ever to effectively play the "real"game... the one where you try to win the desire of a beautifulwoman.You know... the ONLY game that actually matters.========================================= Source: Free Articles from