Posted on: 16 May, 2018

Author: Alexander P

Vigrx Plus is my favorite supplement to enhance my libido in the bedroom. Here is my review of the effects I experienced. I suppose the most incredible thing about VigRX is that because it’s a complex blend of traditional herbal treatments, it has a whole range of effects, all of them good.  Of course, the amazing growth in penis size is the most obvious of these, and this has really far-reaching effects in every area of life.  But I’ll try to be specific and about the actual changes that happened in my, one by one. The biggest buzz of all came when I realized that women were actually seeking me out because they’d heard that I was good in bed, that I had what it takes.  You can’t imagine the feeling the first time that happened when a girl really chased me at a party after I’d slept with a friend of hers and she’d obviously heard all about it.  It really changes everything in life. I’m glad I had those few months of being single.  It really taught me a lot about what women wanted.  And for the first time, I was free to think about what women wanted.  Before that, I was alone in my head when I was with women, just thinking about my penis and how I could make it seem bigger and harder and how I could most avoid disappointing us both.  Now I don’t even have to think about it. But the best of all was finding Carol again and having the equipment to win her back and keep her.  Now we have a really incredible sex life.  We both love to spend long evenings or afternoons in bed when we just go on and on for hours, without me ever having to stop.  And Carol just can’t get enough.  And even now, sometimes, she just holds my new big penis, looking at it and saying: “I still just can’t believe it!” The first thing I noticed, after a couple of weeks of taking VigRX, was an amazing feeling of well being.  This stuff is really good for your body.  Even before I got the changes that I was waiting for, VigRX was making me much healthier in general.  I felt good, I was energized, and I even began noticing I was losing a little weight.   I didn’t have any real weight problem, just a couple of pounds extra, but I noticed fast that even that was disappearing.  And part of this overall feeling of health and energy was that I was starting to get horny all the time.  So it was against that background that I began noticing the first changes in my manhood. After about three weeks I began realizing that I was waking up with morning erections that wouldn’t go away.  And these weren’t just like the erections I’d always had, these were rock hard.  Then, after a few days of this, I could definitely tell that I was not only harder, but bigger.  It was incredible.   By the end of the second month, my penis was a full inch and a half longer and at least an inch more in girth.  I think it’s grown even a bit more since then, but by that time my confidence was completely restored and I haven’t really bothered measuring it since.  It looks better too.  I still really enjoy checking myself out in the mirror and seeing what I’d been missing all my life up until then.  And I don’t hide in the corner in the locker room anymore.  I’ve finally got a penis to be proud of. Learn more at to But it’s in the bed that the real difference happens.  First of all, I’m hard at the first sign of something happening with a woman.  There only has to be a hint of sex in the air and I’m up and raring to go.  That’s such a good feeling.  Back in the old days, it wasn’t just that I was on the small side, I was also a bit slow to react and I realize now that I wasn’t really as hard as I should be.  Certainly not as hard as I get now.  And when the action starts, it doesn’t stop. Now when I’m in bed with a woman I’m good for the whole night.  I get up harder and faster, I last longer.  And the orgasms I have are something that I never dreamed about.  I’m spinning out in space every time, and they just go on and on.  Not just one of them.  Once I climax, it only needs about fifteen minutes before I’m ready to go again.  Four or five times a night is normal for me now – and I’m nearly forty! VigRX is the whole package.  Not only did it revolutionize my sex life, it’s changed everything in my life.  I used to be a guy who dreaded getting into a sexual situation because I was afraid of being laughed at.  Within the space of just a couple of months, I was ready for anything women were prepared to give. Source: Free Articles from Alexander Pommett is a blogger who studies male sexuality.