Posted on: 16 May, 2018

Author: Alexander P

Permanent gains with the X4 Labs extender come about 3 months after usage. You have to realize that it is a commitment before you get into it. After my experience with this extender I can say that it&... Permanent gains with the X4 Labs extender come about 3 months after usage. You have to realize that it is a commitment before you get into it. After my experience with this extender I can say that it’s very comfortable, it has a sturdiness, quality, and build that I have not experienced with any other extender which is a definite plus.  I first heard about this device on the television show Manswers on Spike TV. It was proven on that show to make you longer and thicker. There are several different ways you can get your hands on the X4 extender. What Were My Results? A lot of these extenders are based on the same product and just marketed differently. I wore my X4 labs gold extender for about three months and I saw a half inch gain. Your supposed to do it for six months for ultimate gains. To be honest, you can do it for as long as you wanted depending no how serious you want to get big according to Sizegenetics vs. X4 Labs Both devices will give you gains of up to two to three inches and excellent results to increase your girth. They can also help to improve erections strength and correct penile curvature. So, overall they are both effective devices. They are both type 1 medically approved devices so they are used and approved by doctors worldwide and no that basis there is no real difference between them. When you look at the two in-depth there are some very subtle differences that I want to discuss. Okay, so the first thing we look at is price. They are both the same medically approved devices along with all the accessories. What you also get depending on the package is a bunch of different comfort accessories and bonus items. With the X4 labs, the gold extender is considered one of the best in their product line. They actually have 5 packages in their range. Depending on which package you buy you get a slightly different extending discussed here: The Sizegenetics starts at $127 and goes up to $249. So, overall if you are buying a top of the line device there wouldn’t be a whole lot to choose from. With Sizegenetics being just slightly cheaper. And one of the most crucial things about penis extenders is comfort which is the key when you are wearing these things. You have to wear them for extended periods of time for maximum gains.  Sizegenetic ahs developed a 16 way comfort system which basically means there’s 16 different options on how you can wear the device. So you can find a method that is the most comfortable for you. They both offer cash back guarantees and X4 labs gives you 60 days to try the device. X4 labs is based in Montreal, Canada so they have a customer service That’s only open during Canadian time. Sizegenetics has offices both in the US and in the UK which makes them easy to contact for customer support. Source: Free Articles from Alexander P is a blogger that studies male sexuality. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.