Posted on: 08 February, 2003

Author: Mike Pilinski

========================================="Meeting Women Takes Awareness and Preparation"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Reserved ========================================="Meeting Women Takes Awareness and Preparation"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Reserved to know a pivotal secret of the mating & dating game? It'sthat women plan, practice and prepare for this contest from avery young age, and (surprise!) are flat-out *contemptuous* ofthose men who refuse to play their expected role.Sad but true. Women put countless hours into prepping for thecompetition between the sexes... hair, makeup, style and look,clothing, etc. etc. They burn half their disposable income on justabout anything they can dream up that makes them moreattractive to men. Guys, on the other hand, typically put minimaleffort into making themselves attractive to women... other thantrying to stay within shouting distance of the latest clothing trend,I suppose. For the most part, they choose to spend their timeinvolved in sports or hobbies. That's because most of us figureattractiveness in men has to do mostly with good looks andmoney -- beyond that the workings of the female mind are totallyunfathomable. So why even waste time pondering it?Except that this lack of knowledge eventually returns to bite ussquare in the ass!How? When we attempt to PICK UP WOMEN -- *that's* whenour utter cluelessness becomes horribly apparent! Womenhave been studying boys since they were teenagers. Whilewe're out playing video games and practicing our foul shooting --they're getting together and debating flirting strategies with theirgirlfriends, figuring out how to communicate to all the cute boysusing body language, etc. etc. In other words, they're actuallyputting some *effort* into the process! They're learning how toplay the game of seduction from their own unique femaleperspective, and they are becoming BETTER at it every day.Not only does our lack of knowledge put us at a distinctdisadvantage, it acts as a complete TURN-OFF to a lot ofwomen. This is especially true of women who've REALLYpolished their skills to a high level. They hate guys who try tofake their way through the meeting and seduction process. Andthey can smell a phoney from far across a crowded room, trustme.Can you see now why you might be having so much troubledetermining what women want from guys? You can't be good atsomething that you've put so little effort into becoming practicedat! There's no shame in lacking any of these skills either. TheArt of Seduction does NOT come naturally to anyone -- we allmust strive to observe women and try to really understand howthey're reacting to our presentation of ourselves as men. Andthen comes the hard part... we have to LEARN FROM THEFEEDBACK (mistakes!) and make the appropriate changes inour behaviors to get the results we're after.This is where a lot of guys goof up. Learn ? Change? Blaaah!Because we're all fundamentally lazy by nature, we just want tosettle as quickly as possible on some kind of "move" that worksfor us (at least once in a while) and then just WORK IT TODEATH. I guess this beats practicing and modifying ourbehaviors based upon what we see, feel and -- well... all thatother friggin' WORK!Well, this approach might pan out okay guys who have greatnatural attractors working for them... a handsome face, greatathletic body, the offbeat "artist's" personality or whatever -- butthere's a lot of shy, ordinary men who lack the natural ability tomeet women simply because they failed to develop any 'game'.For *them*, the best route to success lies in learning how to takeon women in their own home court. And where's that?...In the deepest recesses of the female subconscious.========================================= Article Tags: Women Takes Awareness, Women Takes, Takes Awareness Source: Free Articles from