Posted on: 24 June, 2003

Author: Michael Myerscough

Hormonal ... big a priority on a scale of one to ten is passion in your ... now? One of my clients recently ... a concern that she was ... ... with her partner Hormonal HeavenHow big a priority on a scale of one to ten is passion in your relationshipright now? One of my clients recently expressed a concern that she was missingthe lovemaking with her partner so much. It was almost as if she felt guiltyabout it, as if her fascination was somehow unhealthy.One of my Swami yoga teachers taught me years ago that our bodies are likechemistry sets. Our mood is largely dependent on our chemical balance atwhatever point in time and different things fire off different chemicals. You’reprobably aware that a confrontation will fire off adrenalin in your body leavingyou feeling uneasy and a little unsafe setting up the ‘fight or flight’ responsemechanism in your body. Well this got me to thinking about sex and how great itgenerally feels, and at this point the Swami and I part company, as all Swami’sare theoretically celibate.In her fantastic book “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”, Adrienne Burgessconducted a ton of research. She found that sex fires off a phenomenal cocktail(hmm, no pun intended) of: Dopamine which gives a sense of well being,phenylethylamine which generates a feeling of excitement, serotonin foremotional stability, norepinephrine for that ‘I am a god’ feeling and oxytocinfor an easy come down which leaves you feeling all safe and cuddly. That listmay look kind of familiar to some of you; quite a few of those are also in goodquality chocolate - that explains a lot.This is why love generally arises out of sex. Couples who seem to have sexualproblems just have too many requirements for sex to be right. Often they feelsex should only arise out of love and they won’t have sex when they’re feelingexhausted, unhappy or distant. The fact is oxytocin is a powerful hormone thatpromotes bonding, which means that the chances of us having highly erotic orromantic sex increase when we’re prepared to have, at other times, less thanperfect sex.Happier couples have sex more often than unhappy couples. So what is the dealwith that chicken and egg thing? Source: Free Articles from