Posted on: 29 July, 2002

Author: Cynthia Perkins, M.Ed.

Using a variety of ... when having sex can serve many ... With each position we can achieve ... goals. ... increase intimacy while others provide us with deep ... Using a variety of positions when having sex can serve many purposes. With each position we can achieve different goals. Somepositions increase intimacy while others provide us with deep penetration, stimulation of the G-spot or unleashing of animalistic passions. Some may be used to prolong an erection or extend our lovemaking session, while others can provide us with a quickie. Some positionsare more pleasurable for a male and others are more pleasurable for the female. The best lovemaking session will incorporate a variety of positions at just the right time for each partner as if dancing in perfectsynchronicity. Although there may be times now and then when we want to focus on one particular position such as when we areexperimenting with something new or if we just want a quickie. The following three positions in this particular order is a great scenario that meets the needs for both male and female and helps usachieve numerous goals in one session. 1. Missionary- By beginning with missionary this builds us up to the next phase of excitement. It provides us with a lot of intimacybecause in this position we can look into one another’s eyes, kiss, or touch each other’s face. It provides us with a sense of closenessand heightens our desire. With some adjustments and maneuvers of legs and torso we can achieve different areas of stimulation. 2. Woman on Top-After reaching a plateau in the missionary position the female can then gracefully roll the male over on his back andmount him. Woman on top position gives the female complete power in satisfying herself. On top she can stimulate her clitoris and herG-spot with proper maneuvering. This position also provides the male with excitement of watching his woman be in control and theopportunity to observe her facial expressions while she climaxes, which can be very arousing for him. The woman can either slide backand forth slowly or ride him like a wild horse. 3. Doggy Style- Once the woman has satisfied herself, the male can then gracefully move behind his woman and enters her frombehind. After watching and feeling his lover climax he will probably be on the edge of orgasm himself. Doggy style switches the powerover to the male. He is now in complete control of the pace and depth. He will also have a nice view of his lover’s buttocks and of hispenis sliding in and out of her. This position allows for very deep thrusting and penetration, which will have him at climax very quickly. By becoming a connoisseur of positions we can increase the variety of sensations we experience, enhance our level of satisfaction andpleasure and be viewed as a skilled and exciting lover by our partner. It can help us maintain a sense of newness and excitement in therelationship and maintain the sizzle and spark. Source: Free Articles from