Posted on: 03 February, 2003

Author: Mike Pilinski

========================================="Eight Characteristics that Give a Man the Absolute Best Chance to Score With Women"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Res... ========================================="Eight Characteristics that Give a Man the Absolute Best Chance to Score With Women"-- by Mike Pilinski --(c) 2003 Kipling Kat Publishing Co. -- All Rights Reserved a man, successfully meeting women is all about how youACT. Period. Sure, you have to look halfway decent in the wayyou dress, stay groomed and not stink like the chunk of twomonth old polish sausage that I just found hiding in the back ofmy refrigerator the other day... but the make-or-break factor isand always will be the WORDS that come out of your mouth,and the ATTITUDE that underlies it.With that in mind, here's eight points to load into your mentalbackpack when you're getting ready to go off to battle (which isto say, every day of your life...)1) Remain Focused on the Game -- The art of attracting womenis all about knowing how to engage them with a natural curiositythat shows you are at least a little bit interested in *their* world(WARNING: too much = a slick phoney, so be careful). Look forLifeLines (anything that she's hinting she would be open totalking about) and stay committed to working them. Forgetabout yourself. Fade out your own ego. There'll be plenty oftime in the future to gab about your own amazing life.Remember this: you are NEVER desperately looking for an "earto bend" -- you are always looking to draw HER out instead.Only those lost souls with limited social contact hungrily cravethe attention of any person they can corner into listening to theirnon-stop yabbering (I'm not trying to sound cruel here, justhonest).Tune out the surrounding world and focus in on her as if youwere the only two people in the universe. If done properly(without any subservient whimpering), this kind of attention isflattering to her in an almost breathtakingly way.2) Stay Calm -- Above all else, act like you're familiar with thiswhole process. Seduction always begins as a low pressureevent. Place her at ease with your laid back demeanor, and lether slowly begin to feed off of it. Be a lighthearted flirt. Don't beobvious -- keep your interest vague so as to give everyone an"out" to protect all egos involved (both yours and hers). She willappreciate your tactful approach immensely, and be impressedwith your consideration and charm.3) Demonstrate Charisma (Likability) -- Sometime during thecourse of the evening, offer a single simple compliment aboutsomething unique to her style and presentation about herself.No canned "You have such beautiful eyes..." compliments.Don't go overboard or make a big deal about ANY complimentsthat you pay her. Make them seem casual and unplanned (asudden pleasant thought that just popped into your head andslipped out before you could stop it...), then IMMEDIATELY moveon to other topics. Trust me, she heard it.4) Touch Her To Seduce Her -- Use any excuse you can dreamup to get a hand on her. Of course I mean only in theappropriate places... an arm, shoulder, a hair brushback.Do not grope her like a desperate fool.   Touch is extremelyimportant because it demonstrates a sexual, "manly" interest inher and keeps you away from the deadly "nice-guy-friend"category. Just make sure you always keep it classy.5) Risk Taking Is A Turn-On -- Take a chance... a boldcomment, break the speed limit, whatever... Stay unpredictableand keep her a little off balance. Men are powerful and at easewith themselves , right? (see item #2...)6) Be A Man, Not A Boy -- Keep your apartment styled in amature fashion -- avoid the frat-house look even though yourfootball buddies will probably declare you a big puss. A fewREAL house plants (the kind you actually have to water...yee-gads!), and dark solids everywhere. A few *paintings*(don't spend a fortune, just hit the flea markets) instead of thePam Anderson poster. Got it? Also (very important) junk the"bunk" and get yourself a double-sized bed (because youentertain female company from time to time, that's why)Time to bury the Star Wars bed sheets too. Keep a few bottlesof wine in stock and the kind of goodies hiding around the housethat a girl would like (popcorn, cheese, ice cream, etc.) for whenyou want to veg out in front of the tube and get her loosened up.7) Nurture The Trance Of Romance -- Take her out to see amushy chick flick by surprise... make a dinner and light a sillycandle on a "spontaneous" whim (nothing is spontaneous to areal Seducer...). Do the things that trigger those romanticthoughts and dreams that attract women naturally by pulling upall their fuzziest memories. You'll score major points forcreativity!8) Project The Attitude Of The High Status Male -- You mustNEVER allow yourself to act like a fawning "nice guy"... but youalways want to SEEM like one (for an in-depth examination ofthis all-important topic read this free article on my site... ). Imagine youhave a harem waiting for you back home, and you're trying todetermine if she would make a nice new addition. I'm serious.This is the kind of unspoken "winners" attitude that you mustkeep burning in the far recesses of your mind at all times whenyou're dating women.Assume that she likes you and will respond favorably to yourcharm, but never assume you have a green light to start tellingfart jokes or break into your full blown comedy club routine.Humor is all about the CLEVER observation of the absurdities ofeveryday life -- not the repeating of dumb jokes you read inHustler or doing your lame celebrity impressions... ("Do I makeyou horny baby?") That's why they call it a SENSE of need to base your wit on what you *sense* to be going onaround you, which often lies beneath the obvious.So there you have it. Try a few of these attitude adjustments foryourself -- maybe just as an experiment if you can't face the ideaof actually changing anything permanently about yourself. Letme know what happens.========================================= Source: Free Articles from