Posted on: 20 June, 2018

Author: Brunetti Brunetti

Young adult men are prone to feelings of intense aggression as they learn to deal with new emotions caused by hormones. While inherently this is not something to worry about, more and more cases have shown that young men who feel frustrated on top of dealing with their hormonal changes are loose cannons. There have been the extreme cases, such as the incident of Elliot Rodger, where these feelings of frustration combine with hormonal feelings and have a tragic outcome. Rodger, in his manifesto, stated that one of the reasons he decided to become violent was due to the fact that girls his age did not give him a chance. While other, unrelated mental illnesses are what eventually drove Rodger to commit heinous crimes, the impact of frustration cannot be understated. Lonely young men often have feelings of aggression due to feeling rejected. While they usually don’t manifest in violent ways, they can cause rifts in relationships and cause the young men themselves to have a low self-esteem. The easy solution to this problem is the use of cam girl sites. Live webcam girls are the perfect way for an otherwise lonely, and often socially awkward young man to get the female attention he needs to feel better. By chatting with live webcam girls, these young men have a healthy release for their emotions and they’re better able to function on a day to day level. While this might hold true for some young women as well, it is overwhelmingly young men that feel lonely during their late teens and early twenties. While women usually blossom at this age and don’t find it hard to date, men face an enormous amount of pressure to be the ones who make the first move, to be the ones with experience, and etc. This can be enormously intimidating, especially for a young man that is completely inexperienced when it comes to women. This can be made even worse if they do try and they are rejected. While cam girl sites certainly aren’t a long-term solution to improving their interpersonal relationships, they are the temporary solution that will get rid of feelings like loneliness, frustration, and resentment. And since it is all these feelings that can often lead to dire consequences, it is certainly a good thing that live cam girls are doing what they are doing. Furthermore, young men have a way to explore the more primal side of their mind with these cam girls. Once they have that out of their systems, they will find it much easier to talk to girls and form relationships. After all, they won’t feel as though they don’t have another option, they will always have their cam girls if they get rejected. And the very act of lifting this pressure makes them more likely to succeed in real world romantic encounters. In conclusion, online cam girl sites are a great tool for young men to express their more intense emotions in a safe and healthy way. Source: Free Articles from For any further information please contact [email protected] or visit this link.