Posted on: 21 January, 2020

Author: Nancy Whitman

It is always interesting to see what is going to be the trend for a new year. Especially, in a modern year like 2020. You might think that with the engagement rings, the trend will always be the same, but this isn't the truth. Just like anything else, engagement ring trends are changing all the time. Each year, there is another trend that people like to follow. These are the engagement ring trends that you need to know for 2020. Yellow Gold is back Yellow gold is back. A couple of back, yellow gold went out of fashion. People didn't like yellow gold anymore and did prefer the white gold, or silver. But for 2020, yellow gold returns. This is the trend again, to have the yellow gold engagement and wedding ring again. This is good news for those that prefer yellow gold instead of white gold. The only thing that you need to make sure about, is that you are purchasing real yellow gold and not a fake. A fake will lose its color and will become an ugly ring. Something that will never be trendy. Platinum and white gold still trendy Even if the yellow gold is now the thing to consider for 2020, this doesn't mean that platinum and white gold custom designed engagement rings are not trendy anymore. These rings are still trendy and considered as one of the trends that will stay trendy for a couple of years. So, don't worry if you still don't like yellow gold. You will still be able to enjoy your white gold ring. The great thing about platinum is that this is a high-quality ring that will not bend or break really easily. Great for those that are doing hard labor work on a daily basis. Mixing different type of stones Mixing diamond and emerald stones (among other gemstones) into one ring. A trend that is going to become really popular this year. Something to consider for sure, if you have the money. This might be a great trend for 2020, but this is also going to be one of the more expensive trends. The great thing about this trend is the different colors of the emerald stones, that are mixed with the white diamonds. Making this a trend that will look beautiful on anyone's hand. Designing your own ring, with a mixture of diamonds and emerald is going to be a ring that will be beautiful for a very long time. Unique is the trend to consider for 2020 Another great trend for 2020. Uniqueness. The more unique the ring, the better. This is what you should be going for this year. Designing your own unique ring, or looking for a ring that is unique and completely different from all the other rings at the jewelry store. Yes, buying a unique ring isn't something that every woman would like. But if you are one of those that like to be different, then this is the trend for you. The more unique the ring, the better. The engagement ring trends for 2020. The good news is that there are some great options for those that are looking for a ring that is fashionable and trendy. But that will be in good taste as well and that will last for a long time. This is exactly what the trend for 2020 is. Rings that are high quality, unique and special. Rings like different stones mixed together, yellow gold, and still platinum and white gold. The more unique the ring, the better. Trends are important, but you or your girlfriend's preferences are just as important to consider. If you’re in the market for a stunning new ring for your loved, but sure to consult with a prominent local jeweller. Article Tags: Engagement Ring Trends, Engagement Ring, Ring Trends, Yellow Gold, White Gold, More Unique Source: Free Articles from Nancy Whitman is a contributor to leading Adelaide based jewellery chain, James Thredgold Jeweller.