Posted on: 28 July, 2019

Author: Jeff Donaven

Finding out as the cousin of the bride that you will be making a wedding speech can be good or bad news for you. Good news is that you will be able to express your heartfelt wishes for their wedding if you do not mind speaking in front of people. Bad news is that you will be sweating yourself out if you have no skill whatsoever when it comes to talking in public. You do not to be remembered as the funniest in your cousin's wedding for the wrong reasons. You need to come up with a good speech that will not only impress but serve the purpose of the day. Here are a few tips on how to come up with the best cousin of the bride wedding speech. Keep it simple One of the first things that you need to remember you will be at a wedding. this may not come as obvious as some may think when it comesto speeches. Keep the speech simple and light for the audience to enjoy. This will also allow you to say what you need to in a relaxed manner. A complicated speech will be boring and tiresome for you. Speaking about marriage and giving advice on the same should not be your choice in the menu of speeches. You will need to keep it fun and light with a funny introduction. This could be a joke about marriage, an experience you had to one you used to share with the bride. Reminisce moments The best wedding speech comes with remembering moments. Remembering times you shared with the bride concerning the future will work wonders. You can pick moments you shared about the perfect wedding, man or ceremony and compare with what you have as a dream come true. The fact of the matter is that times will change due to the fact that your cousin is getting married which makes these pleasant memories to hold on to. Make the speech personal Bring the speech home as much as you can. This simply means making it personal. Create a speech that addresses the bride and groom and how their union makes you feel. You can call them a good example if you are not yet married or express your desire to have what they have achieved. This will create a connection that proves to them that you care and want the best for them. End the speech with a toast to their good health, children and family with the rest of the crowd to keep them engaged in the speech. Make it short and natural Standing and walking up for a speech with a paper written down all your points will look too rigid. The best way to rehearse your speech is coming up with points that you can remember off head for the speech to look natural. The more you say the more complicated the speech gets. Get one memory or point and talk about it with a good plan in mind. An introductory remark or joke, the memory, thanksgiving or encouragement and a toast for the couple. Thsi will keep the speech precise, safe and to the point. Article Tags: Bride Wedding Speech, Bride Wedding, Wedding Speech Source: Free Articles from To download the very best and professional wedding speeches please visit