Posted on: 15 August, 2017

Author: Ling Wang

If you are planning what to wear as a bridesmaid in your best friend’s wedding, here are 3 stunning outfits you must own today. Are you looking forward to your best friend’s wedding to be held soon? Then, brace yourself for a heap of tasks and responsibilities. In all the humdrum and chaos of the gala affair, you might not have the time to think about yourself. So, it is better that you take out time and pick your bridesmaid dress now. Irrespective of whether the bride has provided you with a set, pattern, cut, or colour like the purple bridesmaid dresses in tea-length and tulle fabric, you must try to find something that is in trend now. After all, there will be quite a few eyes on you too as you will be running errands from here and there. So, here take a look at some of the trendiest bridesmaid dresses of all times that must make a way to your wardrobe. Tea-length Dresses Tea-length dresses, with a hemline that falls just below the knees or brushes your lower calf, are perfect for the summery or springy traditional weddings. Add a fun and frolic feel to the wedding party with these dresses. And if you are thinking that your best friend might pick a specific colour or fabric for you, you should know that these dresses are available in a plethora of hues and fabrics along with reflecting your happy vibes and charming elegance. So, pick whatever you want- a red bridesmaid dress or a purple one, you will still create a rage in the wedding. Bold Cocktail Gowns This wedding, be at your sassiest best with bold, bright, and beautiful cocktail gowns. Choose among off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or halter-neck, and get ready to put everyone in envy. No matter whether you are asked to go with a purple bridesmaid dress or choose something in fuchsia, the perfect cut and gorgeous appeal make these gowns the right choice for the ceremony as well as the after-party. Pick a nice minaudiere and a pair of stunning stilettos to complete the look. Two-Piece Dresses Two-piece dresses are stylish, chic, and sensuous. So, if you want something unique and new, then this is your best bet. Show a sliver of your skin and breathe a fresh and fun vibe. Go completely contrast to the traditional bride. And if the bride has not put many restrictions, you can also team up two different fabrics to create an interesting combination like the tulle with lace. A Sequined Number All of us know, the metallica trend is growing in leaps and bounds this year. So, ring in the glitter and shimmer, and embrace the sequins with open arms this wedding season. You can go full metallic in a lovely short, all-sequined bridesmaid dress in rose-gold, ivory, green, blue, or black and be prepared for all the eyes to be glued onto you. Or you can also choose to wear a flowing, long gown with a sheer back that has sequin work on it to give out a classy, sophisticated charm around you. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly start searching for a stunning outfit that will add to your grace and personality on your best friend’s wedding. There are plenty of online stores too, from where you can buy blue, green, or red bridesmaid dresses. So, take your pick today. Article Tags: Bridesmaid Dresses, Must Make, Bridesmaid Dress Source: Free Articles from Jane Wang, a fashion blogger, writes on 3 kinds of outfits like tea-length or metallic, green or red bridesmaid dresses that must make a place in one’s wardrobe. He suggests checking websites offering gorgeous red or purple bridesmaid dresses.