Posted on: 20 March, 2020

Author: Jolie Andre

Everyone wants their relationship to remain stable and nurture over the time. However, some bad turns could dissolve all pure feelings between the partners making it a toxic relationship. How do you identify those factors? Check out.  Relationship is only said to be healthy when it makes your life more beautiful, happy and supportive in every aspect. However, these days almost every relationship is facing a lot of issues. Reasons are quite simple, someone in relationship has done something toxic or awful. Sometimes people change or adapt bad habits and wrong attitude. A recent study has shown that out of 1,000 working professionals about 50% of people are suffering from toxic relationships. They are not facing these problems but, also find hard to break up and come out of the relationship. However, it is always advisable to leave and come out of toxic relationships, but people always get confused while deciding this. So, do you want to know whether you are living in a healthy or toxic relation? Read on to find out the key signs of a toxic relationship.   Zero efforts of Love Standing alone and doing alone all the efforts is just another cause and symptom that your relationship is a toxic one. When you always seek for attention, love, care, and support, but there is not a single effort from your partner for you then it seems not to be healthy for your relationship. Additionally, giving love and taking care of your partner and thinking you would get the same is the biggest mistake. People always underestimate the efforts of being loved and things start turning to be toxic and harmful for relation. You are controlled by your partner No matter if your relationship is new or 10 years old, taking care of you by your better half and making a clear level of understating between both is really necessary. Things such as ordering coffee for you or making vacation plans with you is always a soothing experience. Whereas, things get quite messed when another person starts to take you for granted and try to control your in and out in every way. In other words, you are starting to lose your freedom and started to feeling like in prison or even worst then hell. However, no one ever has a right to control your freedom by giving lame excuses such as for your security, jealousy or any other reason. These are not healthy relationships. When Sex is used as a tool to manipulate Sex is another crucial activity in a relationship that unite two people and even increase love and affection between partners. However, if you are feeling that sex not just an enjoyable and pleasant experience, then break up. Understand whether it is becoming a tool to manipulate you for some selfish reasons.Then, it is a clear sign that your relationship is turning to toxic. Your growth and their insecurity Growing in a career or in society with your partner support is always a fantastic experience. However, if your partner is getting jealous or becoming insecure with your growth then it will soon become a toxic thing. Even people sometimes try to create hurdles in your way of growth which makes the relation worst. This toxic sign clearly warns you to come out of it and move on for your own good. Respect Mutual understanding and respect makes the relationship more reliable and trustworthy between partners. It always feels nice to get respect from your partner in private or publically as well. It shows the true love and affection between the two of you. On the other hand, if your partner is putting your respect at risk in front of others, then it’s a warning sign for you. Insulting on little things or trying to defame you publically is the big cause and a clear indication of toxic relations. Conclusion Sometimes, people find it difficult to end relations. You might like the guy a lot or he might be your first love. Although, self-respect is bigger than everything and thus, you must not compromise on that. Source: Free Articles from I have been writing for around five years now and have written for various niche like relationship, dating, and even real adult confessions for many well known writing house. I enjoy writing based on self learning and experience.