Posted on: 15 August, 2017

Author: Harley Zhang

If you are one of those young guys who are looking to date a cougar, these expert tips could help you get a cougar woman like you. Every young man, at one point, seems to have fantasies of being in a relationship with a woman older than him. But, what do you have to do to get that gorgeous cougar like you? For all the younger men dating older women out there, here are some tips that you can try: Exude Some Confidence Your being young is no doubt one of the major things that made older women more attracted to you. But, when it comes to cougar dating, these mature ladies also expect you to be a man, an alpha male with a confidence in making decisions and giving opinions. Be strong and prove to her that even with your tender years, you already know your mind and you are very much willing to share it. Dress to Impress Average older women have seen so much of the world than what you would ever do. This means that she is well versed when it comes to social situations, and how to dress for all occasions. Thus, it is a must that you also get this dress code right every time you are with her. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a tux to an occasion that needs full morning suit, or a shirt to a casual event. Don’t Rub It In It is easy for younger men dating older cougar women to have a slip of talking about the apparent age gap. But, no one wants to be reminded of this difference every now and then. Silly references to her being a hot mom, cougar or MILF will never make her like you, and chances are it will even make her feel detached. If you want older ladies to appreciate your charm, discuss about their wit, beauty, and apparel, not the number of wrinkles she got on her neck. Know When to Shut Up This is one tip that tells you that there are some situations when keeping mum is your best option. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should never discuss your opinion every now and then because she really likes you to. The main point here is the importance of letting free discussion to happen on both sides. There are men who are into cougar dating who want to take full control of the conversation. But, this uninformed and forceful manner will never get the attention of savvy and independent older women. Speak Those Compliments Older women are much keen minded and smarter compared to the little air heads that belong to your age group. However, she is not that cynical and bitter for her not to know how to blush when complimented. In fact, as they pass through their middle years, older women tend to be more receptive to the ever decreasing supply of compliments than in the past. Make them glow with carefully chosen words that describe your appreciation for them, and be amazed how they will melt in your arms. Keep these things in mind for a successful cougar dating experience! Source: Free Articles from Cougar dating expert who is kindly sharing cougars dating advice & tips with cougars and cubs who are looking to meet each other.