Posted on: 30 January, 2020


Rejection stinks but even worse is dying alone because you never had the courage to ask a girl out.Check out for these paramount ideas that would help you to get that beautiful lady you like I get it, approaching women can be nerve wrecking. You think she’s cute or you like her but you do not want to be embarrassed when she rejects you. Rejection stinks but even worse is dying alone because you never had the courage to ask a girl out. I cannot guarantee you a magic formula that will work every time you approach a girl, but I can show you how to do it in a way that increases your chances instead of hurting them. If you are still a caveman who does not see women as people of equal value, you will have a really hard time getting any woman. Women like to be valued and respected. If you see her as nothing more than an object, she will see you as a jerk. I know you may have been taught to treat women as conquests or you may have heard other guys talking about women like they were bimbos especially beautiful women. This is 2020 and women will see through that bullshit and not give you the light of day. What does respect have to do with approaching women? It sets a background of what you should NOT do when approaching them: Be sleazy with the compliments All women are different. There are some who just gobble up compliments while others who feel uncomfortable even just being told they are beautiful. But most women do not like the sexual compliments right off the bat. If you chose to walk up to a woman and lead with a compliment, start with one conservative compliment and see how she takes it then decide where to go from there. Hit on her while she is working or busy Most women in the service industry like cocktail waitresses, cashiers, customer service reps absolutely hate when they are hit on at work. They have to put up with it the whole day and play along because you are a customer. As much as you can, avoid hitting on these women while they are at work. If you feel like she is the love of your life and you just have to talk to her, I suggest that be less overt about what you want. Instead of hitting on her directly. Be polite and show up often. Start small casual conversations with her over time. Otherwise, just leave her alone. There are plenty of fish in the sea who you can hit on without them feeling harassed at work. Make her feel trapped A lot of men never think about it but 90% of women quickly assess their exit options when a man comes to talk to them. She will immediately tense up and not listen to a word you say if she feels trapped. The difference between being rejected and getting her number may be whether you are standing at the door or beside the door. These are the non verbal cues that men are completely oblivious too. Approach women in a place where they can easily leave when they feel uncomfortable or if they are not into you. Do not block their way. Calm down man, she won’t bite. While quite a few women find shy and nervous attractive, no women like terrified. Terrified is creepy and terrified gets rejected then laughed at later with her friends. If you want to relax, just keep this low stakes. It may feel like she is the most incredible woman you will ever meet and this is your only shot at getting the love of your life but it really isn’t. She is beautiful and incredible and you already have a connection but none of that is exclusive to her. You can just as easily meet another woman next week who may be totally different but also incredible and beautiful in her own way. So relax, if she rejects you, you live to fight another day. In fact, unless you summon up some confidence, she will definitely reject you. You know why men have never been able to understand women? Because every woman is different. To add to that, the same woman can have up to five different personalities. If you have a script, it may not even work on the same woman twice. So just remember to be respect, authentic, genuine and creative. She may be the kind of women who like pick up lines or she may be completely turned off by them. It is not your approach, it is just her. Most women like a good conversation starter though. Being funny is always a good risk if you do not go overboard. Pick up lines should only be used if you are trying to be funny. Otherwise you will just seem like a player. The classic comment about your environment or the whether still works and almost always succeeds. Women are more willing to talk to you if you just sound normal and don’t try too hard. If you are at a coffee shop, comment about the coffee. If you are mountain climbing, say something about the mountain.   Remember that just like you, women are looking to make a connection with someone genuine. A lot of women do not like being hit on because a lot of the guys who do so come off as creepy and often just do too much. Also remember that no means no, not impress me some more. There are other women so respect the one who rejects you and move on to the next. Source: Free Articles from Liam Chess is an experienced brand manager, content strategist and co-founder of bitsquestions, contributor and guest blogger for many websites. Being passionate about his job, he cooperates with different education courses covering a broad range of digital topics as a guest lecturer.